Semillas De Vida Community Garden


We are delighted to welcome you to an incredibly special place, where life abounds, and neighbors become friends!

Semillas de Vida, our garden, is a project of the U.S. Province of the Religious of the Assumption and our Assumption Center. It is one aspect of a broader commitment to the rich and diverse communities of Worcester. So many families today face daunting challenges, including access to fresh, nutritious food and safe places for their children to enjoy the outdoors. Living in an urban environment, we yearn for a place to reconnect with the earth, and to spend time in the beauty of nature.

The garden is a peaceful oasis where people of different languages and cultures; different jobs and lifestyles; different ages and physical abilities can be together. Such a common project overcomes difference and thrives in diversity.

Come and Visit!

Allow yourself to be drawn into the life, surprises and wonder of all that happens both in the garden and among those who come to work. Spend time with us and you may learn basic gardening skills; acquire a greater understanding of issues around food production and distribution; develop an increased sensitivity to the vulnerability and importance of the natural world, especially in urban neighborhoods.  Witness how the garden does become a bridge between cultures, allowing us to enter places from which we might otherwise be cut off, due to culture or language differences. Reflect together and give thanks for the beauty and abundance that surrounds us! The diversity and abundance of life, and the cooperative spirit that pervades our work together, are surely a glimpse of the Kingdom!

Thanks to all our friends who in the past have come to share in the work and the wonder of our garden. We look forward to welcoming YOU this garden season!!  

Get Involved

We are looking for helping hands in our community garden. This season we are growing a variety of produce that will be available to families in the neighborhood who make time to tend the garden. We expect to have tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, squash, cabbage, peppers, raspberries, and much more! 

Fill out this form if you live in Worcester and want to learn how to get involved. No experience is needed and all ages are welcome. All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

In order to do our part in keeping the community safe, protect our vulnerable members, and reduce the risk of spreading germs during this pandemic, all garden visitors must follow our health and safety protocols. Please view the guidelines here.


Garden Gallery



Helpful Links 

Environment Stewardship Diocese of Worcester, MA (website link)

  • This ministry team was formed in 2017 with the sponsorship and support the Diocese of Worcester to help increase awareness about Catholic social teaching concerning our relationship with the environmental and the impact of environmental degradation on the poor of the world.

Regional Environmental Council (REC) Worcester (website link)

  • Semillas de Vida is a proud member of REC's UGROW network of community gardens in Worcester. UGROW provides us with seedlings, equipment, volunteers, and other resources for our garden to succeed. Their mission is to help create community food security by growing food in our own neighborhoods.

Ecco Assumption Excerpt "Levers of Action" by Sr. Catherine, R.A. (PDF)

  • Sr. Catherine reflects on how Assumption values can guide our actions to face our current ecological crisis.

United States Conference for Catholic Bishops (website link)

  • The USCCB declares why care for the earth is not just an Earth Day slogan, it is a requirement of our Catholic faith. We are called to protect people and the planet, living our faith in relationship with  all of God’s creation.